How to integrate Mailer Lite Using Custom HTML Form Code

Easy, you want to make custom html integration then it’s done here in Mailings -> New Custom Form and then paste code getted from MailerLite.

How to generate code from MailerLite.

  1. Go to MailerLite

  2. Webforms -> Add new Webform

  3. Give some kind of name, Embed form in your website should be selected -> Save and Continue

  4. Select List -> Save and Continue

  5. Create a form (select name field if you want to use it with theme which supports Name field (currently Classic and Magazine), don’t bother with design – we will override it. If you don’t have enabled EU compliance checkbox then use Double Opt-ins (on top of page there is slider) to comply with EU Laws (if applicable) -> Save

  6. Under Embed form in your website there will be option Show HTML -> Copy it to clipboard

  7. Paste in our New Custom Form

If you experience problems contact us, we will take a look.