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What Is a Splash Page and Should You Have One?

What if your website was missing the most important ingredient?

A good splash page can make the difference between a successful website and a completely forgettable one. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know much about designing a great splash page, much less why their website needs one.

Ready to learn all about what splash pages are and why they are so important? Keep reading to learn all about it!

What Is a Splash Page?

Our guide is designed to help you learn all about splash pages. First, though, we must start with the most basic question: what is a splash page, exactly?

On the most basic level, “splash pages” refer to pages that a visitor sees before they check out the rest of your website. And these pages give you an opportunity to make a solid impression on readers right away. While these pages do “pop up,” not all effective website pop-ups are splash pages.

Not every website necessarily needs a splash page (more on this later). And not every splash page is designed the same way. But well-designed splash pages can add “sizzle” to your website and give you an edge over the competition.

Now that you know more about what splash pages are, let’s explore when you should (and shouldn’t) use them.

When to Use Splash Pages

Earlier, we mentioned how splash pages aren’t necessary for each and every website. That brings up the obvious question: when, exactly, should you be using splash pages?

The biggest question to ask yourself is this: is there anything that a consumer needs to know before they get to your website? Answering this question will help you discover whether splash pages will be a priority for you or not.

For example, some website uses splash pages to verify user ages before they can access adult content. Other sites use splash pages to offer disclaimers or allow users to set their preferences. And sometimes businesses use splash pages to offer customers special deals or ask them to turn on sound to better enjoy background music or website videos.

Depending on your product and business, a splash page can be a real game-changer. But if you can’t think of anything very important users must know before they enter your site, you may not need to worry about splash pages right now.

Are Splash Pages and Landing Pages the Same Thing?

Many people confuse splash pages and landing pages. This is because both kinds of pages give visitors information before they enter your website. However, splash pages and landing pages are designed to do very different things.

First and foremost, website landing pages are designed to drive conversion rates up. Because of this, most landing pages are designed around a call to action. Explicitly prompting users to take an action early on makes for a great way to increase your conversion rate.

By contrast, splash pages are usually designed to transmit important information (such as time-sensitive info about sales and events) or serve as a necessary gatekeeper (in terms of verifying ages or offering disclaimers). And landing pages are usually standalone sites with a unique URL while splash pages are usually pop-ups attached to an existing page.

In short, splash pages help to improve the overall user experience before they even get to your website while landing pages are designed to drive CTAs and conversions.

Pros of a Splash Page

Now you know a bit more about the purpose behind your average splash page. But if you’re still on the fence about whether you need one or not, it’s worth looking more deeply into the pros of using splash pages.

One simple reason that many businesses like splash pages is that they load very quickly. You can get someone’s attention and provide them with important info without worrying about how this will bog down the overall loading speed.

And as we noted before, splash pages are a perfect way to get someone’s attention before they enter your site. Using things like killer photos helps convince visitors that your business is professional and stylish even before they get to your front page.

On a more basic level, splash pages help users to customize their experience a bit by tweaking settings before they enter your site. Giving this level of trust and control to customers will, in turn, boost their trust in your business.

Finally, splash pages can play a major role in your website analytics. By simply monitoring which kinds of splash pages are helping to reduce your bounce rate or boost conversions, you can make each splash page more effective than the one before.

Cons of a Splash Page

Earlier, we mentioned that not every site needs a splash page. And not every business or its customers enjoy splash pages. That is because these pages come with a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

The first drawback is that splash pages may turn certain customers away. They may be annoyed that you are “interrupting” their attempt to access the main website. Because of this, you need to make absolutely sure that your splash pages are offering sufficient value to your customers.

Another drawback is that splash pages can be repetitive for repeat customers. Someone who visits your site five times a time is going to encounter a splash page each and every time, which can potentially disrupt conversions.

Finally, splash pages don’t really impact your SEO because there is so little there for search engine algorithms to use. While that may not be a dealbreaker, some businesses are annoyed that such pages don’t have a more positive impact on their SEO.

How to Create the Best Splash Page

Now you know what a splash page is and why you should have one. But do you know who can help you build the most effective splash pages for your business?

We specialize in PopUp designs that boost customer conversions while wowing your visitors in an absolutely non-intrusive way. To see what we can do for your business, come sign up today!

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