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7 Unexpected Uses for Pop-Ups

Nearly 50% of marketers believe visual content is vital to content marketing. Popups are one form of visual content often overlooked. With their higher conversion rates, it’s one easy way to innovate marketing funnels.

Discover new, creative ways to call your customers to action. Use popups inventively to draw more leads and conversions on your website. Read on to learn unique ways for boosting your visual marketing with popups.

1. Use a Bit of Humor

Depending on your brand voice, your popups can stand out more with a sense of humor. With the number of people who find a popup notification annoying, you need to avoid this. Creative, humorous copy and images can help set your ads apart.

Tie your ads to contemporary terminology. For example, a graphic could include a slideshow with a comical progression. Your popup could show a character sad from missing out on your product, followed with a phrase like, “FOMO, no mo” after finding your site.

Your brand voice is the real defining factor to humorous copy. Whether it’s sarcastic melodrama or playing with your slogan or brand name, you can humor marketing work. When something makes your visitors laugh, you’re more likely to get that lead or conversion, too.

2. Get Animated With Graphics

Did you know you can use videos or motion images in your popups? Well, you can. And a popup with a video has far more standout potential.

For unique popup ideas, video opens up several different kinds of content. You can use any streaming service, but if you often rely on video marketing, this offers a great redirect opportunity. Videos pull in visitor attention more than many other kinds of content.

When you include videos in a popup, make sure you mute it first. Imagine if you were to open a webpage, and after scrolling down the page, a popup appeared and played sound. It would be unsettling or a surprise at the very least.

3. Like, Follow, Subscribe

Another great way to enhance your popups is to use social media as your call to action. Instead of your typical newsletter signup CTA, try a redirect. If you’re trying to grow your social media following, this is a great retargeting effort.

Use language like, “Get to know us” with a button redirecting to whatever social media platform you want. Personalizing the language in an HTML popup makes it less about a sale. When users feel too obligated to signup, they often exit a popup.

Initiating a following on another platform can also show users valuable numbers. When people see how many followers you have, they can form better impressions of your brand. With a strong social media presence, site visitors can recognize your brand as more valuable or credible.

You can also use social media redirects to share valuable promos or demos of your products or offerings. Social media allows you to market in new ways. Beginning with a CTA in a popup can help you explore new marketing channels.

4. The Perfect Timing

One of the best things you can do to innovate a WordPress popup is with the perfect timing. Your popups can synch up with certain customer behaviors if you use tools like heatmaps to understand them. Timing can be everything for inventive popup ads.

You can use how long a visitor spends on a page to determine when popups appear. If customers linger on an e-commerce page too long, you can advertise limited-time offers. You can also prompt users to make a purchase to avoid cart abandonment.  

The perfect timing can also help incentivize leads or conversions. If customers have lingered on specific pages, you can also redirect them to related ones. For example, if a user spends enough time on a blog post, you can time the ad to appear offering a “learn more” call to action.

5. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Popups are valuable for up-selling and cross-selling, too. Using the right timing, your popups can generate interest in new items. You can highlight new products or emphasize scarcity.

Depending on page linger, you can use popups to communicate a sense of urgency. Show which top or hot products are selling fast by showing how many are left. If there are certain items you’re really trying to sell, this can help you up-sell them.

You can also use popups to cross-sell. Once a customer adds one item to their cart, suggest another related item. For example, use copy that says, “Customers like you bought…”

This can encourage future purchases and nurture leads. For returning customers, you can do the same. Use a popup notification to suggest new products or recommend complementary services for past purchases.

7. Ask For Feedback

Another great way to get creative with popups is by using them to communicate. You can collect testimonials and communicate with customers via popup. After customers make a purchase, use a popup that asks for feedback.

Feedback is valuable to your business (and for customer satisfaction). If you have yet to ask for testimonials, this is a great avenue to explore. Instead of following up on feedback via email, a popup can save you time.

Get Creative With Your Popups

Now you know a few ways to take your popups to the next level, it’s time to explore a reliable platform. Part of dominating in visual marketing means working with the best tools around. PopUp Domination can help you get there.

With popup designs that pioneered the industry, we’ll take your campaigns up a notch. Unique, inventive designs as powerful lead magnets are just a free trial away. Sign up today to see for yourself.

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