About PopUp Domination

We didn’t invent the popup, but we made it cool.

PopUp Domination, like many successful ideas, came out of personal need, not because we needed to make money.

The inspiration came in 2009, when speaking to the CEO of a top internet business. He mentioned that the lightbox popup his company was using, outperformed any other list building technique by a long way!

We knew we needed something like that for our blog.

At first, we thought it would just be a case of finding a Wordpress plugin and we would be all set!

To our surprise, we discovered that it didn’t exist.

Well, nothing with the design and flexibility we were looking for.

So we did what all great entrepreneurs do - we created out own.

As soon as we added it to our site, we found out just how good a Popup could be.

Our conversions skyrocketed by over 500%.

We knew it would be good, just not this good!

In this moment, we realised we had something unique, that no one else had thought about doing yet.

Being entrepreneurs, our next natural thought of course was - is there a product here?

(Well, we did briefly wonder if we should just keep our secret advantage all to ourselves.)

But, of course in the end, we decided to share our ‘secret’ and Popup Domination V1 launched.

Our two main objectives…

To create software that was both easy to use and looked good.

A funny thing happened - during the development, we learned about a new business launching in the coming weeks - also targeting the email marketing industry.

We presumed from the hype, they had to be developing some sort of popup software.

So we increased the size of our development team and got our revolutionary product ready a full week ahead of their launch.

As it turned out, in the end, this ‘competitor’ was not working on anything remotely like Popup Domination.

Still, that ‘worry' focused our minds and ultimately made us the first mover!

In our very first week, we had over 500 customers signup for our plugin! We could almost not believe it!

We did have quite a bit of resistence though, a lot of industry experts said, they didn’t like it, they wern’t going to be using popups.

But it didn’t take them long to change their mind, once they saw how much success everybody was having using our software.

Now just about everyone uses popups!

Today, millions of websites use popups, including some of the biggest brands in the world.

It is no longer frowned on - having an effective Popup is essential for commercial success online.

Over the years that followed, we have continued to innovate new ideas and in 2016, we launched a brand new web app version of Popup Domination.

Today, we have customers from just about every imaginable industry as well as almost every country.

Many of these customers are not even in primarily in email marketing!

Our software will continue to evolve and lead the market, just as we have from day one.

If you sell anything online or want to build a legion of subscribers, you need to use PopUp Domination.

We didn’t invent the popup, but we made it cool.