20 Reasons Why PopUp Domination Is The Popup Software Of Choice

Email Themes

Get more email subscribers using our high converting popups.

Redirect Themes

Send traffic to sales and affiliate pages.

Countdown Themes

Create scarcity for your offers and boost conversions.

GDPR Friendly PopUps

Comply with EU Regulation by adding consent tickboxes to your PopUps.

Exit PopUps

Show popup when visitors go to leave your website.

PopUp Triggers

Show popup based on time, page views, scrolling the page and more.

A/B Testing

Split test your popups against each other to boost conversions futher.

OnClick PopUps

Show popup when somebody clicks object or text.


See how well your popups are converting, including best pages, countries and devices.

Super Fast

We host everything so that the load on your website is unnoticeable.

Responsive Themes

All our popups work will adapt to the size of the screen they are seen on.

Customizable Designs

Change the colour and size of all our themes!


Build custom designs, insert scripts, do whatever you want!

Geographical Targeting

Show popups only to the countries you want to show them to.

Page Specific PopUps

Show popups only on the pages you want them to appear.

Referral Sites

Show popups based on the sites your traffic is coming from.

Notification Popups

Visitors can still interact with the website without closing the popup. Position it anywhere on the screen.

Show on idle / total time spent on website

Show popups when there is no interactions or user has spent some time on website browsing different pages.

Mobile / Desktop only popups

For users who are concerned about Google popups policy.

Track Google Analytics events

Also take a look on your popup performance in Google Analytics.

PopUp Dominations Ever Growing Template Library1-2-3

Create the best looking and highest converting popups...

All with zero design and programming knowledge!

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  • More than 30% of all website visitors are mobile users.

    Looks good on mobile
    • Perfect
    • Sharp
    • Visible
    • Responsive
    • X Clearly visible
    • Broken
    • Blurry
    • Not Visible
    • Doesn't scale
    • Can't close
    Looks bad on mobile

    Works With Every Website and Email Provider

    and many more
    Brian Moran
    What oters say

    "More powerful features than any other email capture
    tool or plugin out there..."

    Brian Moran -

    Pay only for PopUp Views, not features

    Monthly Annually GET 50% OFF
    • Price
    • Popup Views
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited PopUps
    • Exit PopUps
    • A/B Testing
    • Analytics
    • Live Chat Support

    Pay only for PopUp Views, not features

    Monthly Annually GET 50% OFF
    • Price
    • Popup Views
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited PopUps
    • Exit PopUps
    • A/B Testing
    • Analyitcs
    • Live Chat Support
    • Success Manager

    60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    If you're not 100 percent satisfied with PopUp Domination within 60 days, we will happily refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

    Even 60 days after purchase.

    There is absolutely no way you can lose, except by not giving PopUp Domination a try.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should use PopUp Domination?

    Everybody who wants more email subscribers and more sales. PopUp Domination can be used for both.

    What is required to use PopUp Domination?

    There are no server requirements and it will work on every web platform. All you need to do is insert our HTML code into your website. If you don’t know how to do this, our live support team will be happy to help.

    Why is PopUp Domination a web app?

    A web app gives us a lot more control over the service we provide. It’s super lightweight, which means a lot less load on your websites. It means no conflicts with your website or css. It means an enjoyable user experience.

    Will PopUp Domination slow down my website?

    No. It’s a small file, written in plain javascript. PopUp Domination accounts for less than 0.2% of page load for the average optimized website.

    Can I use PopUp Domination on my clients websites?

    You pay for views, use them however you like. We want everybody to use our service!

    Can I change my plan after I sign up?

    You can effortlessly change your account plan with a click of a button in the settings area.

    Why just a PopUp app?

    We specialize in doing one thing better than anybody else. For most of our users, a high converting popup pays for itself on the very first day.

    What type of conversions can I expect?

    It will make a significant difference. Game changing! Our average user sees over 500% increase in email subscribers. In a recent test on one of our high traffic sites, PopUp Domination out performed a squeeze page, sidebar, footer and homepage opt-in combined!.

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