We are frequently asked:

Yes, you can.

You can pay each month or pay once a year and get 4 months for free.

Yes, you can. Visit this page for instructions on how to change your credit card information http://popupdomination.com/docs/change-credit-card/

Invoices are sent automatically on each billing period via Stripe.

Yes, there are no minimum contract period, you can jump off whenever you like.

We’re using Stripe as our banking system and it doesn’t accept PayPal – only banking cards are accepted.

The best way to get a discount is to sign up for our annual plan which offers more than 4 months free.

There can be several reasons why your card may of been rejected. The most frequent reasons are:
1. Full name that you type in may differ from one you have on Credit Card – names should be the same.
2. Your card has insufficient funds.
3. You’re typing name instead of email address. If none of these is your case, please contact your bank and explain the situation.