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Pylon Sign

What Is a Pylon Sign and How Does It Differ From Monument Signs? A Guide

Do you want to advertise your business to people driving by? If so, you might be considering placing a large sign outside the premises to attract attention.

It’s hard to miss the range of monument and pylon signs that are ubiquitous as you drive down any highway in America. But, did you know there are a lot of different types?

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between monument signs and pylon signs. First, we’ll answer the question, what is a pylon sign?

What Is A Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign, which is also known as a pole sign is tall and usually features one, or several poles which enable the sign to be seen at distance. They’re very common around multi-tenant commercial buildings and shopping plazas. 

Usually, they showcase a single company but in some cases, they may feature multiple brands. They can be made from a huge range of materials including stone, brick, aluminum, and other durable metals. In a lot of cases, they also have lighting built-in to make them easily visible at night. 

They can be fitted with solar panels to make them more energy-efficient. Usually, pylon signs are custom designed to fit the company’s requirements in the exact height, size, and shape needed. 

A Modern Monument Sign

A monument sign is less tall than a pylon sign. It’s usually around 8′-0″ to 12′-0″ in height. Because they’re shorter, they can also often be wider and some even resemble billboards or sculptural outdoor art.

If your premises is down a suburban road, or a street with a slower speed limit a monument sign is a good choice. A lot of different features can be incorporated into a monument sign including but not limited to lighting, digital displays, speakers, and manually customizable lettering. 

For example, if you run a restaurant and want to advertise various seasonal specials on a monument sign, that’s easy to do with either digital or changeable marquee-style letters.

Which Is Best For Me?

If you’re having trouble choosing between a monument sign and a pylon sign here are some questions you can ask yourself.

What speed do drivers typically approach my premises? If it’s higher speeds pylon signage might be best but monument signs reward lower-speed traffic. 

Do I need to have a customizable message? Monument signs have enough space for a digital display or for you to regularly change messaging. 

Will my sign be competing with other signs? If your sign is competing with other signs, a pylon sign might be best because it’s taller and the eye naturally looks for the tallest thing first.

How far away can my premises be seen by drivers? If you’re positioned on a very long road with few distractions, a pylon sign is best because it gives the drivers longer to decide to stop. 

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So, what is a pylon sign? It’s a great way to advertise your business to passing cars on highways across the USA.

We hope you found this detailed article about the differences between pylon signs and monument signs helpful. 

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