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Attending the Best Trade Shows

The Undeniable Business Benefits of Attending the Best Trade Shows

In large cities all over the globe, business trade shows take place. Hundreds of companies get together to talk about their products and services.

With all the technological advances, you might be wondering why you should spend the money to go. Can’t you do all your marketing online and reach more people?

While the internet can help you get the word out about your products, if you play your cards right, there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction.

Being able to make an impression is only one reason why you should attend a show. Check out this guide to learn more about dipping your toes into the trade show industry. 

Raise Your Brand Awareness 

You want people to think of you when they hear about products that are similar to yours. For this, you’re going to have to increase your brand awareness. 

When you’re a new small business owner, this is easier said than done. You can do some marketing online, but it’s hard to get the word out that way. 

Attract attention at local trade shows by creating eye-catching signage that displays your logo, company name, and business message. You should also include your social media information somehow. This way, interested clients can follow you. 

If you can make it happen, try to place your trade show booths as close to blue-chip companies as you can. It will give off the impression that you’re a reliable leader in your field. 

Make a Good First Impression 

Even if you can gather a following online, there’s something about meeting people in person to talk about your products. You can discuss your brand with your potential clients. 

If these clients have questions about your items and services, you’ll be able to answer them on the spot. When you talk about your business in person, the passion you have for what you do will shine through. This will humanize you in the eyes of your customers. 

It’s Cost-Effective Marketing 

Traveling to different trade shows seems expensive, but it’s more price effective than you may think. Renting out a booth is actually pretty easy on the wallet. 

After getting a booth, you’ll need to invest in a few trinkets that you can give out. Instead of the basic pens and pencils, we do recommend thinking outside of the box a little.

Give out custom water bottles and personalized journals or bags. The people you hand these promotional items to will think about your company whenever they use them. 

Business Education 

Trade shows aren’t only for informing people about your business. There are classes going on that you can attend. You’ll learn all about the latest advancements in your industry. 

When you arrive at the show, you should get a pamphlet that will tell you what events are going on when. This will allow you to prioritize the sessions that relate to your company. 

Make sure that you take notes that you can look at later, and do a little networking with some of your more experienced competitors. They may be willing to give you a few pointers. 

You’ll Be Able to Scope Out Your Competition

Speaking of your competitors, going to a trade show will allow you to scope them out. You can see what they’re doing differently than you and maybe learn from them. 

Keep in mind, that you won’t be copying their tactics. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from them, though. 

Another thing to note is that you want to learn from the best in the industry. Do yourself a favor and only take notes on your competitors that are getting a lot of attention. 

Forge Lasting Partnerships 

Not everyone who goes to tradeshows is going to be your competition. There are vendors there that will help you set up. Not to mention, you can talk to other companies that may have need of your products or services. 

During the events, you’ll get the chance to walk around and mingle with these individuals. Be sure to collect contact information so you can talk to them after the trade show is over. 

You’ll Expand Your Influence 

Again, trade shows go on in major cities all over the place. If you travel around and attend several shows throughout the country, you’ll expand your influence to multiple areas. 

You might be concerned about the cost of traveling, but the number of new customers that you bring in will more than make up for the expenses you burn through. 

Get Feedback

Those who attend trade shows make a great focus group. After talking to these people and allowing them to maybe sample your products, you can ask them questions. 

You’ll be able to use the feedback these potential customers give you to improve your product. You never know, they may have ideas that you never even thought of before. 

Make Sales 

One of the most important parts of trade shows is that you can make sales. To entice attendees to come by your booth, offer great deals. 

Customers who are hesitant to give your products a try might be willing to change their minds if it’s not going to cost them much to do so. 

Plan to Attend Trade Shows This Year 

If you’re looking for an easy way to advertise your business, you should start attending trade shows. It’s a great way to get your brand name out there while also scoping out your competition. 

You’ll also have access to classes that will teach you about the newest trends in your industry. As you can see, you can’t afford to not rent out a booth. For more tips that will help your company grow, visit the Business section of our blog.