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Volunteer and Staff Retention for Your Church

The Secret to Volunteer and Staff Retention for Your Church

Did you know that around 25 percent of people in the United States of America volunteer for something at least once each year? Staff retention is a tricky obstacle to running a successful and fun church for your community. Your volunteers and employees are your most valuable resources, so there are certain things that you should consider doing to improve staff retention.

Little things like having a clear and robust vision for your church will go a long way toward retaining staff in church. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about the keys to church staff retention.

Keep reading this article for some helpful tips for keeping your staff today!

Have a Clear Vision

Having a clear vision is an effective way of connecting with your volunteers and staff to help them see the bigger picture for your church and the community. People need to understand why they’re giving up their free time to help the church. Having a clear vision will give them the understanding that what they’re doing is making a difference and is important work.

Give Volunteers All of the Details

Another great idea for staff retention at your church is to give your staff and volunteers all of the details, like how often and for how long they’ll be asked to volunteer at the church. You need to let them know how much work is required outside of the church as well.  You can click here to learn more about a great church.

Make Volunteering Personal

People have an easier time giving up their time to put it towards something that is important to them. Find what makes the church important to your staff and volunteers. Find out if anyone in your congregation has special skills like IT, playing an instrument, or trade skills.

Avoid guilting people into volunteering. Let them know that you appreciate their talents and want to invite them to help the church.

Provide Support

Most volunteers and staff members aren’t fully trained to do what you’re asking of them when they volunteer. Make sure that the leaders at your church are checking in with volunteers on a monthly basis to see if there is anything that the church can do to help them. Set aside time to take the volunteers out for a meal or a coffee to show them that you appreciate them.

Celebrate on the Regular

Celebrations are a wonderful way to show appreciation for those that are helping your church grow and thrive. You should celebrate these individuals that are giving their free time to the church by sending them messages of thanks, posting about them on social media, and hosting special outings for them.

Follow These Tips for Staff Retention Today

Staff retention is one of the most important aspects of running a fun and successful church in the United States. Make sure that you celebrate your volunteers on a regular basis and provide these volunteers with the support that they need. Most of all, give them all of the details and make it a personal experience for them.

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