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Texas Solar Tax Credit Guide

Preparing for Solar Savings: A Complete Texas Solar Tax Credit Guide

Texas is one of the best states for people to get solar in. And it’s not just because Texas tends to have almost 250 sunny days each year.

It’s also because those who invest in solar in The Lone Star State will be able to earn themselves a Texas solar tax credit. The Texas tax credit for solar panels can put you in a position to put more money into your pockets simply by buying into the benefits of solar energy.

Are you a Texas resident who is interested in learning more about the tax credit for solar panels in Texas? We’re going to break down the Texas solar energy tax credit further to show you how it works and what you can do to make the most of it.

Here is what you need to know about the solar tax credit in Texas.

How to Get a Texas Solar Tax Credit

While you can get a Texas solar tax credit when you install solar panels on your home’s roof, you’re not actually going to be able to get it through the state itself. Instead, those in Texas can obtain a Texas solar tax credit from their local utility company in most cases.

Companies like Austin Energy and CPS Energy will set you up with the credit that you’re looking for. You should check to see which utility companies in your area might be able to extend a Texas solar energy tax credit to you.

You’re also more than likely going to be able to qualify for a federal solar tax credit. You should be sure that you take full advantage of it if this credit is available to you.

What a Texas Solar Tax Credit Will Do for You

A Texas solar tax credit is going to give you a tax break for the year when you had solar panels installed on your home. This tax break will really come in handy because it’ll help offset the cost of solar panels.

The Texas solar tax credit that you receive could end up saving you quite a bit of money. It might even be the sole reason why you’re able to afford solar panels in the first place.

How to Make the Most of a Texas Solar Tax Credit

In order to make the most of a Texas solar tax credit, you should do your homework on it in advance. You should see if your local utility company will offer a credit to you and look into your federal option as well.

You should also speak with a company that provides solar near you and find out what they can tell you about earning a Texas solar tax credit.

Getting a Texas Solar Tax Credit Is Just One Reason to Install Solar Panels on Your Home

You should strongly consider installing solar panels on the top of your home so that you’re able to obtain a Texas solar tax credit. But that isn’t the only reason why you should think about doing it.

You should also give it some thought because installing solar panels will benefit you in lots of other ways. It’ll cut your monthly energy bills, make your home more eco-friendly, and even increase the value of your property as a whole.

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