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Social Media Marketing Tools

Likes, Shares, and More: A Guide to Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media unites the United States. 72% of American adults use at least one social media site. 

This means that social media offers great tools for marketing. Yet you need social media marketing tools in order for your marketing campaign to work. 

What are some tools that help you schedule your posts? What should you use when you want to make videos? What tool is best for shortening links? 

Answer these questions and you can launch a great social media strategy today. Here is your quick guide. 


Buffer is a scheduling tool for all major social media platforms. It makes achieving your social media marketing strategy a lot easier. 

You can write posts, attach photographs, and create a posting schedule. The tool will then upload your posts without you needing to log in. You can also reply to posts inside the software without needing to go on your social media pages. 

Buffer also has several analytics functions. You can track the performance of your posts and adjust your social media strategy. 

There are alternatives to Buffer, and some may have features that you need. Visit pages like for more information. 


Biteable is a tool that helps you create short videos. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

The platform offers more than editing resources. You can find video templates, stock footage, and public-domain music. You can access these tools with a free account, though you update to Premium at little expense. 


Bitly is one of the best social media marketing tools for Twitter. It takes lengthy URLs and reduces them in size. You can also create your own links that are more reflective of the content you are sharing. 

Bitly will also let you know about your analytics. You can see how many people clicked on your links and where they are located. This lets you run local SEO campaigns. 


MeetEdgar is a good social media marketing tool for experienced people. It helps you manage your content similar to Buffer. 

Its advantage is that it has an auto-refill queue. This means you will never run out of posts as long as you maintain your accounts. You can also schedule different types of content to go up on your accounts. 

It does have analytics components as well. You can see how your audience is engaging with your content. If you want to have more comments, you can change your strategy so your users leave replies. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools 

Social media marketing tools are simple yet profound. Buffer lets you schedule your content and track the interaction with your posts. 

Biteable is the best tool for creating short videos. This is ideal for Twitter and Instagram campaigns. 

Bitly is another good tool for Twitter campaigns. You can shorten links and write new ones that represent the content you are sharing. 

MeetEdgar is a good all-around tool. You can use it for scheduling content and tracking followers’ feedback. 

New tools are coming onto the market. Find informative guides to them by following our coverage.