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It Does What? 6 Secrets About Pop-Up Software

Did you know popups are among the most hated kinds of digital marketing? But they don’t have to be. Popups convert more and generate more leads than other ad types.

Discover the secrets to successful advertising with pop-up software using this guide. You’ll soon see results you never anticipated.

1. Keep It Personal

Did you even know you could personalize pop-up software? Well, you can. Exit popups can enhance the user experience when customized for the individual. 

Before selling a customer on your service, subscription, or freemium offer, you can virtually get to know them. Personalizing popups is possible via an email subscription list or through previously entered contact information. Using this data, you can make any popup notification personal.

You can also personalize popups through a referral source. Depending upon how visitors found your site, you can target them specifically. Tracking referral sources can help with micro-niches in your target audience.

You can also target by referring domain. If users discover your site via social media, customize your popups for custom calls to action.

2. Leverage Valuable Content

How do you approach building your email list? If you’re using regular old popups that ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter, you’re doing it wrong. Instead of offering the same old, same old for quantity goals, focus on quality.

Offer upgraded content based on where visitors traffic most on your site. Elevate blog series and newsletters with interactive, engaging content. For example, target your freemium offers, PDFs, and such after they scroll to the end of an article or post.

Timing valuable popups like this allows you to collect contacts and build subscriber lists organically. Offer the content upgrade as a download via email. This gives you a new lead to nurture into a longtime subscriber.

The more you focus on providing valuable content, the more beneficial an HTML popup window. You can see this based on testing different offerings, too.

3. Test Different Offerings

An HTML popup is valuable for testing different offers to site visitors. One way to ensure your freemium content is actually valued is through testing. You can adjust several factors to learn what attracts the most attention.

  • Placement on different landing pages
  • Time-delayed appearance based on page linger
  • First-time or repeat visitors (i.e., personalization)

Testing different offerings help determine what your target audience finds most valuable. If your popups are getting closed instead of engaged with, it’s time to test a new offer.

4. Promote Your Goods

Aside from testing different offers, good popup software allows you to promote exclusive offers, too. Popups can offer valuable information as a way to entice more engagement.

Instead of relying on a popup for email subscription, use a powerful CTA promoting new goods. You can offer a wide variety of promotions. Here are some examples to consider:

  • Limited discounts or free shipping to prevent cart abandonment
  • Virtual events or webinars with countdown registration timers
  • Product launches with video or graphic demonstration

Promoting your goods does not have to result in an immediate sale. Instead, you can redirect site visitors with intentional placement and time. For example, if a visitor has just finished a post about a new product, a popup should appear with a CTA to “learn more.”

5. Visual Engagement

Graphics in popups do better than those without. Images actually increase conversion rates by over 80%. That’s a big percentage to consider for building subscriber lists and more.

Did you even know you could include images in a popup? The right pop-up software includes images that are sharp and distinct to avoid pixelation. One of the biggest issues with image-oriented popups is the lack of scalability.

Good HTML popups scale based on site visitor viewports. This means the software needs optimization for mobile and web browsing. Without this, users will aim to exit a popup as quickly as possible.

You can even entice a product trial with the right graphic. An image of an ebook cover or other vibrant graphic makes the offer that much more attractive. It also saves on using text in a popup (which distracts from the CTA).

6. Consider Their Psychology

You can use pop-up software to give site visitors a sense of agency. You can also use it to inspire urgency. Either way, you can use visitor psychology as a way to enhance popups.

Including a progress bar of complete or incomplete status can compel action. It creates a need to take action and inspires urgency. You can use a feature like this to pressure site visitors into signing up for freemium content.

You can also use your popups to do the opposite. Instead of creating a sense of urgency, you can give them agency. Instead of focusing on a singular option for content, give them variety. 

Your CTA could be a question based on a preconceived pain point. Then, your popup could feature two to three options as possible solutions. This will give you better follow up opportunities with custom solutions based on chosen offers.

Dominate Your Marketing With The Best Pop-Up Software

With your understanding of popups’ secret benefits, you’re ready to start using them for your business. Enhance marketing campaigns and build up subscriber lists with whatever popup format you need. Providing the best calls to action is no longer a dream.

With PopUp Domination, you get pop-up software that works with every website and email provider. Your images will be clear and sharp, with responsive buttons and forms. See for yourself by signing up for a free trial today.

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