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6 Tips and Tricks for Building an Email List in 2021

When you’re conducting a digital marketing campaign, the name of the game is getting your content in front of the right audience. With social media and targeted ads, you’re flinging content into a void and hoping it lands in front of the right user. But with email, you can speak directly to an audience who already has a vested interest in your business. 

So how do you go about building an email list that will give you strong results? Read on to discover some tips and tricks that will help you grow your email base and start improving your bottom line. 

1. Create CTAs

When you’re trying to grow your email list, one of the best things you can do is create strong CTAs. A call to action lets your readers know what they should do next and why. It can create a sense of urgency and let customers know what they stand to gain by signing up for your email list.

Make sure you use specific calls to action at the end of all your blog posts, emails, and other digital advertising platforms. Since you’re trying to grow your email list, these CTAs should look something like “Sign up today,” or “Subscribe now.” Keep them short, simple, and to the point so that readers aren’t wading through confusing sentences to find their next step.

2. Address Value Directly

One of the primary purposes of a CTA is to convince your readers to take the next step and sign up for your email list. In other words, you want to show them the value being on your email list can bring them. But for some reason, many marketers tend to want to dance around this topic, rather than addressing it directly.

In your call to action, state what value your readers will gain by signing up for your email list. Rather than, “Sign up today,” say, “Sign up today and get a free resource handbook” or “Subscribe now and discover the five things that could make you more successful.” This sort of direct statement will be much more effective than any coy hints ever could be.

3. Use Pop-Ups

You may be surprised to learn that pop-ups are actually one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. When you set up a pop-up, you give customers a chance to subscribe to your newsletter without having to hunt down a spot to sign up. But you have to set up pop-ups the right way if you want them to work for you.

Make sure your pop-ups are short, sweet, and to the point, sticking to simple sentences and clear CTAs. Include beautiful images to grab and keep your customers’ attention with the pop-up. And always make sure your pop-ups aren’t intrusive and are easy to close so you don’t alienate your customers. 

4. Set Up Scroll Boxes

When you’re setting up pop-ups, you want to make sure they show up at the optimal time in your visitors’ viewing experience. You can set pop-up timers, but you have no way to know how long it will take each customer to reach the right point on the page. Instead, try setting up scroll boxes that will always deliver your pop-up at the perfect moment.

Scroll boxes are pop-ups that get triggered when your viewers’ scroll bars hit a specified point on the page. Often these boxes will slide out from the side of the screen, rather than popping up in the center. This makes them both less intrusive and allows you to time them right.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun

Oftentimes in marketing, we feel we must be stiff, formal, and professional at all times. And while maintaining a sense of professionalism can be important in some instances, you also shouldn’t be afraid to have fun. A little bit of humor can go a long way towards convincing visitors to sign up for your email list. 

Instead of just having the buttons on your “Do you want to sign up for our newsletter?” popup read “yes” and “no,” make them a little more fun. Have your “yes” button say, “Yes, I love awesome free stuff” or “Yes, I love getting special offers and discounts!” Meanwhile, set up your “no” buttons to say, “No, I live a perfect life,” or “No, I’d rather spend more money.” 

6. Use Other Platforms

When you’re focused on growing your email list, it can be easy to focus only on your website. But your digital marketing strategy extends far beyond those two platforms. You should be using all of your digital marketing options to your advantage in this effort, not just one or two.

Use your social media following to promote your email newsletter or offer special deals for people who sign up for your emails. You can also provide incentives for people already on your email list to forward those emails to interested friends and family. Always provide easy-to-find links to your email signup page so people aren’t left searching for a way to enter their information.

Discover Tips for Building an Email List 

Building an email list can be a great way to grow your digital marketing reach. Your website is one of the best tools you have, and pop-ups can be very effective. You can also use social media to spread the word.

If you’d like to discover more ways to effectively use pop-ups on your site, check out the rest of our site at Pop-Up Domination. We can help you convert more visitors into customers and subscribers using the world-famous software that pioneered an industry. Try it for free today and discover what you’ve been missing in the world of digital marketing.

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