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6 Hacks for Designing an Exit Popup That Boosts Conversions

Are you still not using email campaigns in your marketing strategy? Today, about 99% of consumers check their email each day. 

If you’re dreaming about taking advantage of this fact, then you might wonder where to begin for success. One of the top strategies that you can use in order to increase your subscribers is having an exit popup.

You might wonder what they are and what the best strategies for them are. Read on to explore these exit popup strategies in order to increase your overall conversions and sales in no time. 

What Is an Exit Popup?

An exit popup design is a message that appears when they’re trying to leave your website. It’s a great way to encourage your website visitors to stay for longer. 

This popup might show a special offer to turn that visitor into a conversion, or it might be a similar signup option. For exit popups, you have designed exit popups and system exit popups.

Designed exit popups are where they popup when the user moves their mouse. A system exit popup is when a user has to click on the x to close the tab. 

Do They Work? 

This automatic feature will detect when they think that a user might be exiting your site and popup. They’re there to interrupt the action of someone leaving your website and not giving it a second thought. 

Exit pops are a great option when you’re: 

  • Wanting potential customers to buy an item
  • Have email sign-ups
  • Capture social followers
  • Have surveys gathered
  • Decrease cart abandonment

The Benefits of Exit Popups

Exit popups are a great way to introduce new products that you have available. This can also be a popular product. 

It’s also a great way to avoid shopping cart abandonment. About 58.6% of American shoppers say that they leave items in their cart when they’re just browsing and not ready to buy.

If they sign up for your newsletter, then you can have an email automatically sent reminding them about the items that they have sitting in their cart. 

Exit popups allow you to promote other content such as your newest blog posts, and information about upcoming events. It’s also a great way to build brand awareness. 

One of the largest benefits is overcoming objections that they might have. Potential buyers might be concerned that if they don’t like the product then they’re stuck with it. Let them know in the exit popup that there’s a money-back guarantee if they’re not happy.

1. Use Their Name

When it comes to how to design an exit popup, personalize your exit popups. In order to do this, this is where you ask your visitor for their first name before a sale.

Then, you can place their name right in the exit popup to make it more personalized. This is a great option as well when someone is about to abandon their cart. 

2. Give Visitors Options

Consider offering a popup that has 3 different options for them to click. It can be ways to get more viewers, how to increase sales, and how to increase clicks. Once they make their choice, then they’ll receive your lead magnet, and you’ll receive their information. 

3. Include Pictures

Including pictures in a popup is a way to entice the reader. Images aren’t only a way for someone to buy your items, but how to get someone to sign up for your email list as well. 

Create a mock version of your ebook or another lead magnet. Make sure that it includes the title and description of your item as well. 

4. Use Unique Offers

Give your visitors a unique reason to stay on the page. It doesn’t have to be freebies, but free shipping, discounts, or tips in your newsletter.

Take a look at your audience and determine what they’ll care most about. Think about their budget as well as you’re coming up with what they’ll be enticed by. 

In order to identify your target audience, you can use polls and surveys. This is a way to ask them a few questions in order to better understand their likes and dislikes. 

5. Choose Clean Designs

It’s easiest to look at a clean design, avoid busy designs that are distracting. Avoid font that’s hard to read such as a fancy font. Also, make sure that you always have a clear call to action. 

6. Use Colors

Think about color psychology when you go to design your exit popup. If you’re looking to come off as more personal and enthusiastic, then choose blue. Blue is often a color that people choose when they’re thinking of a tranquil place. 

Pink is a gentle color when you’re looking to represent youth and tenderness. It’s also about kindness and nurturing. 

Purple is great when you’re looking to exude creativity, independence, and wisdom. It combines the colors of red and blue. Keep your audience in mind as you think about what colors will go best, and keep your brand colors in mind as well. 

Exploring Hacks That Work for Exit Popups

After exploring this guide, you should be well-equipped to come up with the right exit popup strategy for your business. Take your time determining what will work best for you and your business. 

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