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Pumping up Your Influencer Website

5 Tips for Pumping up Your Influencer Website

Did you know that there are as many as 37 million active social media influencers in the world? Some have smaller followings than others but all of them know one important thing: pumping up your influencer website is crucial.

But how can you do this in a way that is organic?

Let us look at some tips that social media influencers use to improve their websites.

1. Influencer Website 101: Quality Content

To catch your readers’ attention and hold on to it, you have to produce quality content. You want content that will show your expertise in a particular area you are passionate about. Being enthusiastic about the topic will ensure that the content is not boring.

Produce content in a conversational tone so that you can express yourself naturally and not with any kind of affectation. Since authenticity is what attracts the most people, you want to present yourself as you are.

2. Collaborate

It can boost your site to find an established influencer who can host some of your posts. It will allow their visitors to notice you and can potentially earn you some new followers.

The crucial thing to remember is that you want to collaborate with an influencer whose platform is related to yours but not exactly like yours. There are lots of influencers out there who would be thrilled at getting guest posts for their own sites free of charge.

3. Use Social Media

The best way to attract new visitors and potential followers is to use social media. You want to engage in a meaningful way, answering questions people may have and offering advice.

Leave comments on other people’s posts and quote content on Twitter to begin discussions. Your goal is visibility and that is what social media can offer. Create a social media profile on as many platforms as you can and see which ones work best for you and your brand.

4. Add Videos

Writing content is good, but adding videos is better. People want the whole experience that hearing and seeing someone offers. Video-hosting platforms can also help in guiding people to your site, so it is a win-win strategy.

You want to promote these videos, as well, so that they can drive more visitors to your website. Do remember that if you are a video on social media, you want to do more than just post the link.

Get more tips on promoting IGTV videos or any other video options.

5. Make Your Website Mobile

People access websites on smartphones and tablets more often than they do on laptops or desktops. You need to ensure that the site is completely mobile.

You should not just settle for the website working on mobile devices. You want it to pop. Pay attention to the kind of graphics and colors you use to ensure that every visitor has a positive experience.

Get Noticed

Becoming an influencer is a rewarding experience that requires smart marketing. Your influencer website can do a lot of this work for you.

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