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5 Reasons Why Email Advertising Makes Sense for Medical Practices

There are nearly 900,000 physicians working across the United States. Given that abundance of primary providers and ample alternative health practitioners, it can be hard to open up a private practice and be successful.

This is especially true in a year where a lot of people are afraid to get non-essential and preventative care.

So then, how can your medical practice find a way to market successfully and entice people to visit? There are a lot of answers to that question but our favorite is email advertising.

Look no further than your email inbox to know that email has long been a favored means of communication between businesses and their customers. Medical practices stand to enjoy the same benefits other organizations do by leveraging the medium.

Keep reading to take in 5 reasons why your practice should be using email!

1. It Can Be Free

People have a perception that health practitioners like dentists or chiropractors do so well for themselves that marketing spend is an afterthought. The truth is, many of these operations have tight margins and as such, making savings is always a priority.

The great news about email advertising is that it can be 100% free. Check out tools like Mail Chimp or others that offer robust free tiers and allow you to get started emailing clients without spending a penny.

2. Most People Have Email

The key to any successful marketing medium is ensuring that it has enough recipients to make the investment worthwhile. When you use email advertising, your recipient can be anybody in the world that has an email address.

That’s feasibly billions of people worldwide and millions domestically.

Compare that to the number of people that might see a billboard and you can see how email’s reach makes it a preferred marketing medium.

3. Email Is Customizable

Email advertising is not a fixed form of advertising. Depending on the tool you use to execute your marketing, you can make it so some people receive a message that asks them to go to a certain page on your website they’re most likely to enjoy and others can be sent to alternative pages.

How you direct people in your email campaign can be informed automatically by a variety of metrics that will tip you off to what will most entice recipients to take action. A marketing agency like the one you can explore further on this page can help you set up those directional cues to maximize your conversions.

4. Getting Success Metrics Is Simple

How can you quantify the exact effectiveness of a billboard campaign? You can certainly draw inferences but knowing for sure how many customers a sign brings you is more of an art than a science.

In comparison, email advertising features rich metrics that tell you immediately how many people are reading, interacting with, and even booking appointments off of the notes you send.

5. Email and Mobile Phones Work Great Together

People can’t stop checking their phones. Since email advertising is a medium that works extraordinarily well through mobile distribution, that habit people have to keep scrolling will serve you well!

The best part is that there is no end in sight to the trend of people’s propensity of staying glued to their devices.

Launch Your First Email Advertising Campaign Today

Medical practices of all stripes can benefit from launching an email advertising campaign today. We’ve gone over the reasons why and hope that after reading them, you feel compelled to start developing email marketing strategies of your own!

If you’d like more guidance on email advertising strategy or related topics, check out more of the newest content on our blog.

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