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5 Reasons Why an Email List Is Crucial for Your Business

According to recent statistics, there will be 4.3 billion email users by the end of 2023. A huge chunk of the world’s population uses email throughout their daily life, which means that having an email list is an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Yet what are the more specific advantages of having an email list that’s full of customers and leads? In this guide, we’re going to take a look at why you need an email list for your business, including everything from exposure to increased customer data.

Are you ready to learn more? Then let’s get started and look at the importance of an email list.

1. Email Grants You Personal Access to Customers

When you’re trying to increase your company’s profile, you probably run an SEO campaign or maybe buy pay-per click ads. Yet these kinds of marketing take time to kick in and also require you to do battle with other businesses for a coveted place on the first page of the search results.

Yet if you build an email list and start capturing emails, you don’t need to fight for access to customers. Your emails will land in their inbox and get seen by your customers. Your business, no matter its size, will be on equal ground with the largest businesses and their email lists.

The personal nature of email can also help you create better copy that more customers will click on. Meta descriptions and PPC text is always somewhat limited by the fact that you need to appeal to a wide range of potential leads and customers. Yet when you create emails, you can be as personal as you like thanks to mail merge and other similar technologies. 

Give your customers a sense that you’re speaking to them directly: it will help your marketing be successful. 

2. You Can Experiment With Different Approaches

An SEO campaign is a big commitment, as are other types of marketing. Yet email marketing is something that you can tweak and see the results of immediately. 

For instance, if your first email was more reserved and professional, you can try a more fun and creative email a month later. You can check the open rate for both of these emails and see which one was more successful.

This approach allows you to tweak your emails to your customers’ tastes. However, it can also inform all the rest of your marketing too. If you notice that one approach yields much better results, you can take a similar approach with your SEO and PPC campaigns too.

If you’re going to experiment with your marketing, email marketing is a fantastic testing ground.

3. You Can Communicate With Your Customers

One of the best parts of email marketing is that it opens up a new way for your customers and qualified leads to contact you. They don’t need to find your email on your website or call you on the phone. Instead, they can reply to your email and get in touch with you in an instant.

Due to the ease of contact, your contacts may find it easier to contact you and ask key questions that will help them make a purchase. You can hand these replies directly to your sales team, allowing them to do their magic and get more sales from your contacts. 

As necessary, you can also give these replies to your customer service team, which will allow you to solve their issues faster. This means that your email marketing can improve your customer loyalty, as well as showing off your products and services to existing and potential customers.

4. It’s Almost Impossible to Miss an Email

It’s very easy for someone to miss your website, even if you create fantastic SEO campaigns. There will always be those customers who don’t search for the right keywords or who end up clicking on a competitor. The same is true of PPC campaigns – it’s quite easy for customers to avoid searching for the keywords you’re targeting, leading to them missing your campaign completely.

This cannot be said of emails. When people get an email, they’ll get a notification from their email app. If they’re using a mobile device, they will get a notification on their home screen or in their app.

This means that they won’t be able to miss your emails. There aren’t any keywords that they need to search for to see this email. It’s right there, waiting for them to read it.

5. You Have Control of Your Email List

How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many likes do you have on Facebook? None of these things matter, here’s why.

Let’s say that something went wrong and your page on these platforms got removed. If this were to happen, you’d lose all of these likes and followers. Your email list belongs to you and no one else.

When you’ve created an email list, there’s no way for you to lose these emails. The only person who can remove people from an email list is the customer or lead in question, if they click that little unsubscribe button. 

No matter what happens to other platforms, you’ll always have your email list full of potential leads and customers. 

Creating an Email List Is Essential for Modern Businesses

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at why you need an email list. Capturing emails and building up a list of leads and customers is important for customer communication: don’t ignore the real importance of email marketing.

Email marketing is a very important part of digital marketing, as are pop-up ads, which can allow you to capture those valuable email addresses. If you’re in need of pop-up ads on your website, check out our product showcase today!