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Functions of a Responsible Film Crew

5 Functions of a Responsible Film Crew

When it comes to video and film creation, you need more than just the actors and a director to create good content. There’s a whole group of people working hard behind the scenes to make a film top the box office charts.

We’re here to show you what goes on behind the scenes, with five of the crucial positions that make a great film crew.

1. Above The Line

When it comes to a film crew, there are two major differentiations in where people stand. Above the line refers to the responsibilities that are higher on the hierarchy, and have more responsibilities pertaining to the creative and financial influence on a project.

The film director, who is giving cues to the actors on how to do their lines in the best way possible, is the number one position above the line. Along with the director, the film producer, and executive producer help promote the film and get the appropriate funding to make a movie great.

2. Below The Line

Most of the jobs on a film crew fall “below the line”, and the work that they do spans a large array depending on what department they fall into.

Film crew positions that fall below the line include the line producer, production coordinator, set accountant, and any assistants for these departments of production.

These positions typically assist the film producer and director in making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time, and that budgetary measures are being met within each department throughout filming.

3. Effects Department

While we think about the actual filming of a movie, there is a long time spent on perfecting a film that takes place after filming.

With each type of effect being used in the film, there is a department specific to that effect. Higher budget films will have departments for special effects, sound production, and ensuring continuity within the film.

During filming, there are a large number of camera operators, microphone operators, and sound technicians to make sure that the quality of what is filmed is high enough to ensure proper editing once filming ends. Budgetary needs are established by the effects department to get the best operators of the best equipment, such as this rental gear, to make a great film.

4. The Visuals

In order to make a great film, you need the visuals of the movie to match the theme and mood of your script. Several different departments go into the making of great visuals, including costuming, makeup, props, and set.

There are different departments for each of these needs, including an art department which decides on the overall design and follow-through for the visual needs of a film. They all work together with the producer and director to achieve the desired effect for the movie.

5. Caring for the Film Crew

Last but not least, there are a lot of people who go into making sure that the cast and film crew are taken care of during the filming and production of a movie.

A big chunk of a film’s budget goes toward catering, transportation, and habitation for the members of a film crew while the movie is underway.

Not only does a film crew need to have their physical needs met as far as food, dwelling, and getting from place to place, but they also need to be sure their safety needs are being met throughout filming and post-production.

A Great Film Crew Makes for a Great Movie

There are a lot of players when it comes to making a movie, and making a great film involves the cooperation of a lot of moving parts – having the best crew possible could be the difference between a blockbuster and a flop.

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