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13 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List Fast

Looking to improve your email marketing game?

With over half of the world’s population using an email address, it’s hard not to see its marketing potential. However, your email marketing efforts won’t grow fruit if you don’t grow your email list. The good news is that email list building isn’t as difficult as before.

To start learning how to grow an email list, read the rest of our guide:

1. Add a Sign-Up Button to Your Email

Not every person seeing your email is part of your email list. If you’re sharing emails on social media, many of your followers may not be part of the list. Some people may forward your emails to their network.

To make the most out of your social media posts, put a sign-up button. It allows these people to become your subscribers.

2. Make a Sign-Up Form on Your Website

Your website is your business’s first contact for the majority of people. Adding a sign-up form to your page offers a new and unique way of connecting with prospects.

If you have a WordPress website, you’ll find plenty of plugin options. These add branded sign-up forms within minutes. You can also get embeddable sign-up forms right on your site.

3. Collect Email Addresses from People Signing Up for Events

Are you hosting a business event where participants pre-register? Likely, you’re already collecting some vital contact details. It’s the perfect moment to ask these people whether they’re okay being a part of your email list.

The best place to put these is in your event registration form. Add a small section with a checkbox asking whether they would like to receive email newsletters.

4. Collect Email Addresses at Trade Shows

Events like trade shows and conferences are perfect for expanding your list. It allows you to connect with prospective customers and potential business partners. Bring a tablet to make it easier for attendees to sign up for your email list.

Lots of applications on the Google Play Store help accomplish the job. Some will upload your new contacts on your email lists. Find these apps and reap their benefits.

5. Look at Your Existing Contacts

Never overlook your current contact list. Your friends, colleagues, and family members can serve as the foundation for your list growth. A small contact list is nothing to dismiss since it’s likely the closest people to you.

After hyping your family and friends, ask whether they’ll pass the word around. This offers powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Ask for Emails at Events

Whenever you meet customers in the real world, you can grow your email list. Host some events and ask people to sign up. It’s the easiest way to continue your relationship even after the event’s conclusion.

7. Let People Sign Up Using their Phones

Make signing up more convenient for customers and let them sign up using mobile devices. Customers will feel more at ease knowing you have their best interests in mind.

Some platforms allow people to join your list using a text message. They use custom codes unique to your establishment. Post these on your business premises and social media profiles.

8. Use a Postcard

Do you have a physical location? It opens the option to sign up using manual methods. However, paper sign-up sheets aren’t always convenient.

Consider using other print strategies to get more customers on your list. Postcards are great since the only limiting factor is your creativity.

9. Add a Sign-Up Option to Your Membership Forms

It’s a great tip if you’re a membership business. When members sign up, you’re already asking them for contact details. Like event registration, membership forms are perfect for building an email list.

Encourage your members to subscribe to your mailing list online. Add another field to your sign-up forms. It also applies to the physical forms in the real world.

10. Add a Lead Generation Landing Page to Your Social Media

Social media platforms offer a powerful solution when building a business audience. However, moving your relationships away from these platforms is a must. Instead, encourage fans and followers to become part of your list.

It allows you to reach your audience better. You’re using your set of rules instead of relying on social media networks. You need not worry about declines in customer reach or changes in the platform’s policies.

Add a lead generation landing page on your social media profile. For example, put a signup button on your Facebook Business Page. You may also add a link to your Twitter or Instagram bio.

11. Collect Using Guest WiFi

Does your business have guest WiFi for patrons? If so, use it to build an email list. You can use apps to do it without your intervention.

Most apps require guests to enter their email addresses before using your free WiFi. They add these contacts to your email list.

12. Run Facebook Ads

Facebook has lots of advertising features. Use them to reach more prospects and discover new audiences. Running an ad campaign within your locality can add thousands of people to your email list within a month or so.

You might feel discouraged since it costs money to run these ads. With the right execution, you can drive people to your email signup form with more ease. The number of people you’ll add to your list is worth the investment.

13. Offer Exclusive Access

To build an email list, offer something no other platform offers. For example, your subscribers get exclusive content and guides after signing up. Making these people feel like they’re part of an exclusive club motivates them to agree.

Grow Your Email List Today

These are some of the easiest tips on how to build an email list. These strategies are easy to do and won’t cost a lot of resources to maintain. Be patient and persevere until you get the desired results.

Are you looking to grow your email list even more? Read our blog for guides to achieve your desired growth rate.

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