PopUp Themes

Choose the designs you want!

On this page you will find the standard themes available to you, and instructions on how to install them.

You will also see a selection of premium themes we've designed and built, and you can see them in more detail if you click on the image that accompanies them.

Clicking on the images below will take you to the relevant section.

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PopUp Domination Theme Club

If you unsure about which theme pack is right for you, or you would like to have access to them all, then we recommend our Theme Club where you will gain access to all of them, while saving money in the process.

The entire pack can be bought for just $37, for a total saving of $53 - about 59%.


Standard Themes

These five themes are the free themes that come with PopUp Domination. Click on the image to the right to see them in more detail.

To download them, click on the link below, and for instructions on how to install them, click here.


Social Themes

Grow your email list while simultaneously expanding your social reach with these five popups.

They're some of our most popular themes, with social elements included so that you capture people who don't want to enter their email address.


Video & Image Themes

Often video squeeze pages just out-perform regular text copy, so we've created some popups which allow you to incorporate a short video with your offer too.

There's four themes in total, including a plain image one so that you can completely customise your popup.


Multi-Field Themes

If you want to collect more than just a person's name and email, then try our multi-field forms, which allow you to collect more information such as a number and address.

Eleven of our most popular themes turned into multiple input themes!


Redirect Themes

These popups have been specially designed to convert your visitors into customers. Redirect your visitors over to your sales page or order form, with just a few clicks.

We use these popups on any pages that are relevant to products that we sell, and they've increased conversions.


Michael's High-Converting Premium Themes

We've developed and rigorously tested three new themes that have not only fit our high design standard, but convert exceptionally well too.

We always use the best themes and you should too.


Installation Instructions

We've made it really easy to install the themes, all you have to do is follow the three steps listed below.

  • Download and then unzip the download file. Inside this file, you will find five separate zip files. Do not unzip these files.
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard, and select: PopUp Domination > Theme Installer.
  • Then on the left-hand side of the page click on ‘Theme Upload’ and then ‘Select Themes’. Then select the themes in your download folder and click Done/Open.